"As a catechist who has taught religion for over 30 years, I find this new series of products to be the most exciting new educational materials I have seen to date. Understanding that we lose over 30% of our graduating students every year to doubts created by their agnostic or atheist friends, we finally have the scientific proof we need to show that God does, indeed, exist. The materials begin with the documentary DVD, Cosmic Origins and progress through The Reason Series (High School / Confirmation Classes), College Lectures and College Classes, and culminates with the adult series, In The Beginning. Fr. Robert Spitzer has assembled a complete array of materials that can be taught by lay people with minimal science background."

"The Reason Series materials include: five (5) DVD video lectures and supporting Faculty Guide + Student Workbooks containing links to additional resources and a link to the online forum. The College Lecture Series offers several inexpensive sets of online college lectures.These are "not-for-credit" course intended for those who really want to delve in to the scientific evidence for God. College credit is available through the College Courses offered online through Benedictine College. In the Beginning, the adult series, includes four (4) DVD video lectures and an outstanding Student Workbook. The workbook is filled with interesting facts and questions suitable for group sharing to review the video presentations. All in all, I'm thrilled to have an opportunity to present these fascinating and definitive materials pointing to our Loving Creator."

Mike Noggle, Catechist
Irvine, California

"I will begin using 'The Reason" in my 9th grade Catholic high school religion classes as soon as it is available. It provides something that most textbooks do not—a reason for believing in an intelligent and powerful Creator FROM SCIENCE. Having taught high school religion for 28 years, and having heard every possible argument there is for not believing in God, I know that 'The Reason" will help me establish the case that science cannot disprove God's existence, but actually makes belief in God more reasonable. If our students understand what the evidence is saying, they will see that good science is fully compatible with good theology."

Claude LeBlanc, Theology Department Chair
Don Bosco Technical Institute

"I have often encountered student questions of how the universe originated, how evolution squares with creation accounts in the Bible, and whether science and religion are really at odds with each other, as is commonly portrayed in mass media. Students are often ill-at-ease with what they mis-perceive as conflicting roles of both religion and science in attempting to explain the origin of the universe. I recently field-tested The Reason: What Science Tells Us About God, to high school students from grades 9 through 12, and asked students what they learned from it. Overall, they gained a much clearer understanding of the strengths and the boundaries of both science and religion. These were clearly differentiated - the Bible is not a science text, and science cannot measure anything outside the physical universe. The strengths of science were then applied to showing what is currently known about the origin of the universe. The scientific evidence for a beginning was very well explained, and at a level that the students could clearly understand. The power of science was shown to point to a cause, but limited only to measuring the results of the cause. This series was valuable in showing what *can* be known about the beginning, and also to eliminating the misconception that science and religion must somehow always conflict with each other."

Anne Perrella, Teacher, Science/Math
Holy Family Academy, Manchester, New Hampshire

"I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful reason series. We are using it for our 11th grade homeschooled son & we couldn't be happier with the content, format and "reliability" of this program. It was such a huge blessing to watch the dvd's with him and work through the book together - I learned as much if not more than he did! I wish every high school had this series - teens would have the background they need to defend their faith in college and beyond. I can't wait to see your next series! I could watch a program done this well every week of the year!! God bless you and prosper the work of your hands! A blessed advent & Merry Christmas to you!"

Lynn Albanese
Mahwah, New Jersey

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