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In addition to our formal courses, presentations, and downloads, the Magis Center offers other resources for those interested in the intellectual exploration of physics, philosophy and faith.

Science and Creation

Life After Death and Near Death Experiences

Join a community of thousands of to discuss faith and reason, ask questions and follow the latest news. This is the place to meet people interested in exploring the same questions and ideas that brought you here. You control the conversation!

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International Affiliations
The Magis Center of Reason and Faith is working with groups around the world to bring our resources to other countries and cultures. We hope to have our two online encyclopedias translated into multiple languages, and will disseminate our adult ed course, high school course, college course, documentary, and lecture series to other countries where English is prevalent (specifically Canada, Great Britain, India, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and several African countries). We hope that these materials can be reworked to accommodate other language groups and cultures.

Up to now we have pursued relationships with groups in Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Hungary, Italy, India, Malta, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Malawi. It is our hope to build additional contacts in Spain and Latin America in 2012, after translating our encyclopedias and other materials into Spanish.

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