Cosmic Origins: Does Science Point to an Intelligent God?

Seven world renowned physicists discuss the relationship between science and faith.

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The 21st Century has revealed a remarkable complementarity between physics and faith. The origins of the universe suggest a creation, and the constants and conditions of our universe strongly indicate purpose and design. This documentary responds to issues ranging from string theory, bouncing universes, and multiverses to the indications of creation, purpose, and intelligence amidst it all. This production is at once entertaining - filled with visual effects and graphics - and is informative about the most important questions - and what science can tell us about them.

Cosmic Origins

Standard Edition of Cosmic Origins (DVD)



The Standard Edition of Cosmic Origins (for everyone including public schools). Also in 2D.

Evidence for God from Contemporary Physics and Philosophy

Evidence for God from Contemporary Physics and Philosophy



This comprehensive set of questions and answers is designed as a study guide to accompany Fr. Spitzer's award winning book, New Proofs for the Existence of God..., as well as the College Lecture Series or College Classes titled, Evidence for God from Physics and Philosophy. Though it is written specifically with those products in mind, the first chapter will be very helpful to those who have purchased Cosmic Origins or Science, God and Creation.

Topics covered include: The latest discoveries in physics; Near Death Experiences; Contemporary logical-metaphysical proof of God and an examination of the five transcendentals, (perfect and unconditional Truth, Love, Goodness, Beauty and Being). Lastly, it is useful on its own for study and answering today's most fundamental questions about Faith and Reason.

Cosmic Origins

Ignatius Press Religious Edition of Cosmic Origins (DVD)



The Ignatius Press Religious Edition of Cosmic Origins in 2D with an introduction by Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D. plus additional resources.

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